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School Essay Example

School Essay Example School Essay School Essay Essay Topic: Middle School Alright, there are several factors that led to the differences between the Chesapeake and New England colonies. The first factor would be the types of crops they grew. Farmers in New England grew sustenance crops, mostly to feed themselves. This led to small family owned farms, which would surround a group of houses which had an area of common ground in the middle of the town. Now, the south tended to favor cash crops such as tobacco and indigo and things of that nature. Tobacco required large tracts of land and completely destroyed the soil in which it was grown. Houses were often further apart than they were in New England (remember the centralized town with the farms on the outside) and therefore people interacted less. Another huge factor was the demographics of the regions. In New England, the population was almost equal between males and females, with the longest life expectancy in the world. This means growing families and huge leaps in population. Since slavery was relatively uncommon in New England, families had children to work on their farm. Since the families lived In close contact with one another, things like school and religion were extremely Important aspects of New England life. In the South, men greatly outnumbered women, and disease was fairly common. The life expectancy was really low there, and families much smaller than their northern counterparts. Since the labor was provided by slaves, people had no real reason to have children, especially with the life expectancy being so low. Since farms were so far apart, unlike northern towns, the south lacked schools and churches. This Isnt to say that they didnt have them, they were fewer and farther between than they were In New England. The gist of all of this Is that due to low life expectancy, the reliance on cash crops, and the lack of education, the north ND south were beginning to form different cultures. The North had these things, which created more tightly knit communities, and also created the common belief that Southerners were backwards and dumb. There was a lot of distrust between the colonies, which would disappear with the French and Indian War when people from the North and South would serve side-by- side In the military. I hope this helps you a little, Im working off of memory and left all of my American H school By Jeerer on their farm. Since the families lived in close contact with one another, things like school and religion were extremely important aspects of New England life. Far apart, unlike northern towns, the south lacked schools and churches. This isnt to in New England. The gist of all of this is that due to low life expectancy, the reliance on cash crops, There was a lot of distrust between the colonies, which would disappear with the side in the military.

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Leadership Styles in Professional Nursing Dissertation

Leadership Styles in Professional Nursing - Dissertation Example Leadership Styles in Professional Nursing The literature suggests that there are many traits that go into forming an effective leader. As an example, Boumans and Landerweerd (1993) suggest that leaders must have "clinical knowledge, people orientation, communication skills, reality orientation, the ability to identify problems and to delegate responsibility" (p. 768). These skills were stated to be those that made a positive impact on the nurses that were supervised. Most leadership styles have their base in social leadership if the nurse is effective. Boumans and Landerweerd found in their study that when social leadership was presented, the nurses under their leadership felt that their job had meaning and they felt increased job satisfaction. Also, the social leadership style promotes more positive health and well being than a style that is more dictatorial or direct. Sellgren, Ekvall, and Tomson (2006) state that nursing leadership styles are more involved with the characteristics that leaders have rather than having a sp ecific style. There are preferred traits that are more important as well. In their style, communication was the highest ranking trait that a leader ship exhibit. This goes along with what Boumans and Landerweerd found. Therefore, communication is one of the most important aspects of a nurse's leadership style. There should also be a way to communicate the leader's needs in specific ways that are understandable to their subordinates. This will bring about a happier group of nurses on the ward. (Sellgren, Ekvall, and Tomson, 2006). Kenmore (2008) found that the styles that most nurses used were either affiliative or coaching. Affiliative leaders work well when everything is running smoothly and when staff is highly motivated. The afffiliative style creates harmony and the style also works well when teams need to be healed or when staff needs motivating. When a leader has a more coaching orientation to leadership, they are more interested in improving staff's professional development

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International Marketing 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International Marketing 1 - Essay Example The processes followed in the host country are exactly similar to those in the home country. The top management views domestic methods and human resources as the most efficient and superior in overseas markets. An export department controls overseas markets at home and the marketing staff comes from home country. This approach is associated with attitudes of national arrogance and supremacy. It best suits small firms that are just entering international market or firms where relative volume of overseas sales is insignificant making product modifications uneconomic (Wind, 1973). Polycentric management orientation (host country orientation) on the other hand according to Wind is the opposite of ethnocentrism. The term polycentric explains a company’s often-unconscious supposition that each country in which it does business is unique. The directors consider the foreign market too difficult to understand. It holds the philosophy that local human resources, who best understand national market conditions and strategies, are best suited to deal with local market. This is due to national differences and the need for local responsiveness. Home country products are also adapted to meet local needs. However home country managers remain dominant in the head office. Each subsidiary develops its own distinct and independent business and marketing approaches. This approach is best for larger firms and it is characteristic of multinational companies. Regiocentric Orientation management, which Wind also calls a regional orientation, is an attitude that recognizes the significance of national and cultural variations but perceives them as most important at the regional level. The assumption is that the regional workers know their market better and instead of having many representatives in various countries, they can serve an entire region for economies of scale purposes. A regiocentric company views different

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Bruce Dawes poems Essay Example for Free

Bruce Dawes poems Essay Bruce Dawes poems explore the impacts of consumer culture and are an indictment of the growing materialism in modern society. In Enter Without So Much As Knocking (1962), Dawe portrays a world dominated by consumerism, which has lead to `conformity, and eroded the individuality of many people. The idea that our view of the world can only be seen through television and that our experience of life is restricted and controlled by it is highlighted in the satirical poem, Tele Vistas.(1977) This idea is revisited in The Not So Good Earth. (1966) Television in consumer society is the prime source of information and entertainment. Dawe expresses his concern that we have become desensitized to human suffering because it is presented to us as entertainment. The central message of the satirical poem Enter Without So Much As Knocking by Bruce Dawe is that â€Å"you are dust and unto dust you shall return†. Dawe’s biblical allusion emphasizes that it doesn’t matter how many consumer items and materialistic things are bought, everybody ends up the same way, back to dust again. Society is portrayed as the product of the consumer age and human life is determined as a by-product, lacking in real value and soon rendered obsolete. Dawe suggests that contemporary society is false and superficial. The intertextual reference to Bobby Dazzler epitomizes this: an empty smile behind the welcoming faà §ade reinforced through the superficial clichà © â€Å"all you lucky people† undercut by Dawe’s mocking tone in â€Å"and he really was lucky because it didn’t mean a thing to him†. The family is defined in terms of what they look like in advertising jargon: the mother is economy size. Consumerism now defines identity or lack of individuality. This brings the idea that in order to belong to a consumer based society, the individual must conform. This idea is reinforced through negative listing in â€Å"he was old enough to be realistic like every other godless money-hungry back-stabbing miserable so-and-so†. The derogatory labeling is a clichà ©d reference to the gossiping and derisive comments that characterize the materialistic culture Dawe is criticizing in his poem. Tele vistas (1977) is another satirical poem where humans are identified on the terms of brand names of communication companies, â€Å" Sanyo-orientated, Rank-Arena bred†. This use of metaphor reinforces how identity is shaped by  consumer culture – their character/personalization is determined by their choice of technology. The modern god is television and its viewing content is being satirized heavily by Dawe. This poem thoroughly ridicules the dominance of television media in our lives. Reality is defined by media constructs – relationships and human conversation comes second. Through Dawe’s indictment of consumer culture, he raises the issue that modern society lacks identity, individuality and purpose and that contemporary Australians are typically co-dependent on television for basic human interaction, †a faulty tube led to their meeting†. The romantic cliche’s juxtaposed with references to television suggest that the relationship of the couple would not have occurred without TV. The demise of the relationship is foreshadowed through the juxtaposition of ‘ever-faithful’ with an alliterative metaphoric reference to ‘’World at War’ in the final lines of the poem. Dawe suggests that relationships built on shared consumerism are ultimately shallow and unstable. The Not So Good Earth, like Tele Vistas, is centered on the commonplace activity of watching television. Dawe expresses his concern that individuals have become desensitized to human suffering because it is presented as entertainment. Vivid imagery of human suffering is juxtaposed with the upbeat tone to describe the satisfaction achieved by a good quality picture. This is made evident through the phrase, â€Å"using the contrast knob to bring them up dark, all those screaming faces†. Life footage is depicted as a product like a movie to be judged on its value to the consumer through, â€Å"on the quieter parts where theyre just starving away†. It is a very satirical poem that creates black humor. Through the characters complete insensitivity and absence of either empathy or sympathy, Dawe expresses amazement at the complacency of people in our society. A metaphoric and satirical reference is made by the poet commenting on the destruction of less privileged communities â€Å"We never did find out how it finished up Dad at this stage tripped over the main lead in the dark, hauling the whole set down smack on its inscrutable face, 600 million Chinese without a trace†. The light tone that focuses on the loss of the TV trivializes the loss of life referred to in these lines. By adopting the voice of a consumer Dawe parodies consumer culture and exposes the insensitivity that accompanies  shallow materialistic values. Enter Without So Much As Knocking (1962)outlines how consumer culture has eroded the individuality of people. This is also evident in Tele Vistas (1977) as Dawe portrays that life can only be seen through a television screen, not through common encounters. The Not So Good Earth (1966)is a very satirical poem that creates black humor through the idea that society has become desensitized to human suffering due to consumerism.

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Huck Finn Essay -- essays research papers fc

Huckleberry Finn   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is one of the greatest, most daring novels in the world. Mark Twain’s style helps to realistically portray early America. Mark Twain tells the story through the voice of Huck, the very kindhearted main character. Everything that Huck says reflects the racism and black stereotypes typical of the era. This has lead to many conflicts from readers since the novel was first printed. However, the story has inspired some. James W. Tuttleton says in an article he wrote that â€Å"Huck Finn is regularly denounced as racist trash† (The San Francisco Chronicle [1885] 6) . Yet, again to oppose that is a quote by a reader, â€Å"Anyone who is offended by this book is obviously ignorant of the true purpose of this book (which does not show slavery to be right, I might add) and perhaps should find out a little more about it than what OTHERS have told them.† (Soapbox [Shumway.2000] ). The author does use the word ‘nigg er’ a lot, he says it to the slave Jim and also to any other blacks that he sees as insulting or of 2 poor standard. Huckleberry Finn still stands as a powerful representation of experience through the brand new eyes of an innocent boy. The only way Huck knows to treat the African American culture is the way he was taught and raised. This is how he treats the African Americans in the story. Twain’s literary style in capturing the novel, Huck’s casual attitude and truthful p...

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History of Accounting

Accounting has a history that is usually discussed in terms of one seminal event- the invention and dissemination of the double entry bookkeeping processes. Paul Garner and Atsuo Tsuji (1995) report that the first printed treatise of bookkeeping in the world is the Summa de Arithemetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita written by Luca Pacioli. The treatise was published in Venice in 1494, and was reprinted at Toscolano in 1523. This work is one of the most important books on mathematics and has had an enormous impact on the field of accounting ever since. The Treatise 11 of Section 9 of this book – that is, â€Å"particulars de Coputis et Scripturis,† is a treatise about double entry bookkeeping. The system of bookkeeping that Luca Pacioli described first introduced the practice and theory that had developed in commercial cities in Italy, particularly in Venice. Pacioli wrote in the first chapter of his treatise, â€Å"We will here adopt the method employed in Venice which among others is certainly to be recommended, for with it one can carry with any other method†. Pacioli was born in Borgo San Sepolcro, lived in Venice and became the tutor of the three sons of a rich merchant, Antonio de Rompiasi. It seems that he could have had the chance to see the account books of the Venetian merchants and to study the method of double entry bookkeeping in Venice. The bookkeeping system that Luca Pacioli has several distinct characteristics: 1. Pacioli wrote that there are three things needed by one who wished to carry on business diligently. The most important of these is cash or any other substantial power. The second is a good accountant and a sharp bookkeeper. The third is good order in order to arrange all business to debit and credit. 2. Pacioli explained the opening inventory, but he did not describe the closing inventory. 3. Pacioli’s account book system is three account books- that is, a day book. The day book is the first book, the journal is the second book and the ledger is the third book. Pacioli thought of the day book as the formal account book, because he wrote that the day book must be presented to a certain mercantile office. 4. All things pertaining to a transaction must be written in the day book, without omission. Pacioli wrote that no point must be omitted in the day book. 5. Pacioli described debit and credit- that is, â€Å"per† and â€Å"A† in the journal, and â€Å"die have re† in the ledger. However, any view of accounting history that begins with Luca Pacioli’s contributions will overlook a long evolution of accounting systems in ancient and medieval times. In attempting to explain why double entry bookkeeping developed in 15th century Italy instead of ancient Greece or Rome, accounting scholar A. C. Littleton describes seven â€Å"key ingredients† which led to its creation. -Private Property: The power to change ownership, because bookkeeping is concerned with recording the facts about property rights. -Capital: Wealth productively employed, because otherwise commerce would be trivial and credit would not exist. -Commerce: The interchange of goods on a widespread level, because purely local trading in small volume would not create the sort of press of business needed to spur the creation of an organized system to replace the existing hodgepodge of record-keeping. -Credit: The present use of future goods, because there would have been little impetus to record transactions completed on the spot. – Writing: A mechanism for making a permanent record in a common language, given the limits of human memory. – Money: The â€Å"common denominator† for exchange, since there is no need for bookkeeping except as it reduces transactions to a set of monetary values. – Arithmetic: A method of computing the monetary details of the deal. Many of these factors did not exist in ancient times, but, until the Middle Ages, they were not found together in a form and strength necessary to push man to the innovation of double entry. Writing, for example, is as old as civilization itself, but arithmetic- the systematic manipulation of number symbols- was really not a tool possessed by the ancients. Rather, the persistent use of Roman numerals for financial transactions long after the introduction of Arabic numeration appears to have constrained the earlier creation of double-entry systems.

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Leisure Lifestyle From Past, Present And Future Essay

Fun is a word that have multiple explanation from one person to another, because everyone has his/her own definition of fun. Similarly, leisure is also the word with multiple explanation as well, which will be the main discussion in this paper. The topic for this paper is to describe one’s leisure lifestyle from past, present and maybe future. Based on â€Å"Nash’s Pyramid of Leisure Time Use,† a topic that was discussed in the class RECL-10 Create Meaning Life at San Jose State University, by Professor Philly Toney I can confident write about my leisure lifestyle from childhood up until now. After look over the topic, some category is not applicable to me so I will arrange this paper in a chronological time order for me and match it to one of those area mention in the â€Å"Nash’s Pyramid of Leisure Time Use.† I think that my leisure lifestyle, since childhood, evolves in a way that helps me fit in with my surrounding environment, and it also has e ffect on my character development as well as my career choice as well. Beginning in my early childhood, I was growing up in a family with my father as a process engineer and my mother as a nurse at some children hospital, which shaped my childhood different than other people. Specifically, I remembered that I was always playing by myself and sometime with my cousins as my parent drop me off at grandparent’s house before work. Sometime there were some older cousin as well, but I found myself always playing by myself before startingShow MoreRelatedDoes Technology Affect Our Way Of Life?1576 Words   |  7 Pageshas experienced major changes in telecommunications technology, therefore changing how people behave within their environment. When it comes to lifestyle and our cultures, technological development and the products that resulted from them had in the past the primary function of making survival easier. But, in the modern world there seems to be a shift from using technol ogy for survival to using technology as a platform for the development of new methods of communication and entertainment. People areRead MoreGenetic Cancer Risks747 Words   |  3 PagesThe given research paper discusses the less-probed lifestyle risk factors among patients checking for genetically-obtained cancer risks.The key source for data is the Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS 4), conducted in 2013, and analytic variables for mapping the data represented American Cancer Society nutrition and suggested physical activity guidelines. Out of the 3016 people who were assessed, 135 had undergone testing for BRCA1, BRCA2, or Lynch Syndrome genes.58 % were overweightRead MoreLearning From The Past Essay1128 Words   |  5 Pagesway, but it also has the ability to teach about the past. Poetry like this is very meaningful. It is meaningful because it allows people today to appreciate their past. In the 20th century life was very different from the way that it is today . Back then life was a lot harder and people had to live through a lot of hard times economically and physically. Many people used to farm and this took work from the whole family, not just the parents. Kids from a very young age learned how to plow farm land andRead MoreHow Computer Technology Changed Individuals Lifestyles For The Better?1505 Words   |  7 Pagesfundamental cause is computer technology is conceived globally to have brought conveniences to individuals’ lifestyle, including at work places and social life. Computer technology is the creation and development of computers to aid individuals in daily life and at work. Examples of computer technology include Internet and social media applications. So has computer technology changed individual’s lifestyles for the better? It is necessary to consider some arguments on this issue. Supportive arguments includeRead MorePest Analysis1048 Words   |  5 Pagesyears, the Philippines has gone from being one of th e richest countries in Asia to being one of the poorest. It has experienced growth and development since World War II. The current administration under President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is aiming for a more rapid growth in the coming years. In 2004, the Philippine economy grew by 6.1% surprising everyone. In 2005, the Philippine peso appreciated by 6%, the fastest in the Asian region for that year. At present, the administration is meeting itsRead MoreKlklklk1004 Words   |  5 Pagesspecific characteristic of the host area. Despite a quantitative growth in the number of tourist facilities and over nights, they have suffered an overall drop in quality and reputation. In creation, the history of tourism therefore cannot be separated from the regional planning and equipment of tourist resorts. B. Strategic framework for tourism 1. Management The framework needs to define roles among the various public and private sector entities involve in tourism. ItRead MoreChildhood Obesity Essay765 Words   |  4 PagesPast the accelerated activity of the 20th century comes the new millennium bringing the modernized world to a throne of leisure and lethargy. Consequently sabotaging the health of our children and our future as a nation, obesity once thought only to be common to the fully grown adult, has now plunged its way belly first into Americas freshest gene pool. The epidemic of obesity among children has its roots in consumer culture and in contemporary American society all a part of the environment thatRead MoreTechnology Behind a Smart Home Essay614 Words   |  3 Pageswireless network, provided sensors and controllers communicate with one another in the same way. Software called protocol bridges can even translate signals from one language to another to permit devices using multiple protocols to be used with a sing le controller. The potential of smart home automation systems is almost limitless. Signals from an application on a tablet PC, for example, can be used to activate robots currently available to vacuum and clean floors. Signals can also be used controlRead MoreThe Human Cost Of An Illiterate Society950 Words   |  4 PagesREVOLUSTUIN OF LERANING What is definition of new education? People get educated from School, home and society, so learning method change during the period of time. Education stared to fight with illiteracy and the most beneficial of formal education is decreasing number of illiterate people in the world since last decades. According to short â€Å"The Human Cost Of an illiterate society† Kozol agues how illiterates stop a society to be more development â€Å"The number of illiterates adults exceedsRead MoreStrategic1590 Words   |  7 Pagesclothing market in China is dominated by brands from European and American, such as Giorgio Armani, CK, Chanel, and Dior. The middle and low end of the market are be controlled by a mixture of foreign and domestic brands, most of which are manufactured in China. Such as Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara and Hamp;M. China’s clothing industry has a great competitive advantage in terms of labor cost, lead-time, the variety of products, and poli tical stability from a Chinese perspective. Many